Welcome to 'the open org'

Welcome to The Open Org, an open source for the latest in business communication and new approaches to transparency in the workplace.

The Open Org is looking to bring light to the mystery of why we hold so much back at work each day. Office politics, job security concerns, competitive secrets, corporate history, whatever the case may be—business culture has traditionally dictated that we keep it under cover. In a more open popular culture, filled with social networks, open discussion forums, accessible cyber communication technology, and more, the business benefits to embracing a more transparent culture are growing.

Since our businesses are constantly changing, transitions drive much of our need for open, ongoing communication with clients, employees, contractors and partners. We’ll work to discuss issues like internal business communications and culture, technology and its affect on transparency, new ways to engage your audiences and yes, those naked moments make you feel exposed at work.

Rule #1 of transparency is that we share what we know and think. Rule #2 is that we ask those around us to do so, as well. So, The Open Org needs you to strip down to those really good ideas and comments and send ‘em our way.

Thanks for joining the ride on
The Open Org. We promise to keep it thoughtful, clear and stripped of any bunk.

The Open Org Blog Team:  Sponsored by Vivazu Communications, the blog team includes a group of communication professionals with crazy work experiences in media, technology, design, television, government, human resources, corporate development, and much more.  

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